Welcome everyone to the Charters Towers Motor Show & Swap Meet.

in 2018 we are celebrating our 40th year of the annual Motor Show and Swap Meet.

Over the past decade the event has been transformed from the "Swap Meet" (by which it is still referred to by Charters Towers locals) into the Motor Show and Swap Meet.

In 2005 the Charters Towers Restorers Club, with the vision of the Executive Team, relocated the Show from the Dalrymple Saleyards to the beautiful Charters Towers Showgrounds.

This relocation allowed the growth of the Motor Show with a central location and better facilities for Swappers and Motor Show Entrants alike.

The vision of the Executive was to provide an opportunity for the residents of Charters Towers and North Queensland alike, to have the see award-winning vehicles without having to travel to events in Brisbane and other States.

With that in mind, former Secretary Phil Jones has approached nationally recognised vehicle owners for more than a decade to ascertain their interest in travelling to Charters Towers to become our Feature Car each year.

Our first Feature Car was the amazing "Silver Bullet" Ford Mustang owned by Gary & Deby Myers. Gary and Deby enjoyed their time at the Charters Towers Motor Show so much that they came back .............. TWICE!!

In 2009 he was back with with not one, but TWO cars - "XAcuter" and his Burnout rig "GM176". Gary and Deby were back again in 2013 with the beautiful "2 Insane".

The Club are always grateful for the owners for taking the time, and travelling very long distances to show off these fine machines. Each and every one of these men, wives and families have been an absolute pleasure to meet and get to know, and a few long-term friendships have developed as a result of the Motor Show.